1. Class Outline


Finish survey of architecture design

Dynamic Technologies

Design: Form and Content

Digitization: Introduction

2. Administration

Worksheet 3 due next week

Homework - Due Wednesday!

Web Topic Paper due in two weeks

Use the small group
Share your work

3. Design: Form and Content

Vatican site

Click Here


Click Here

How is the design matched to the content?

4. Multimedia and Digitization

Multimedia Definition

Computer-based = digital
Multiple media = media

All media are manipulated in digital form

What does that mean?
What do we lose?
What do we gain?

5. Types of Media

Media tied to traditional forms

Think of Cinema, TV and Video

Time-independent media

Text and Images

Time-dependent media

Video, Audio, Animation

On the computer there is only one form

Will there be only one media?

6. Digital Information

Binary Digital

Sequences of 1s and 0s
Easy to build reliable physical systems
Memory and Storage (Magnetic and Optical Media)

From computer's POV all information is digital

Data and programs are sequences
Data can be treated as program and vice versa
For data to be useful there has to be a context (software)

7. Input and Output Model

Computer as input, processing and output

Digitization is input

8. What can be digitized?

Text (Strings of Alphanumeric Characters)

Images (Drawings, Pictures)

Sound (Midi Sequences, Digitized Audio)

Moving Pictures (Video, Animations)

3-D Spaces or Objects (Virtual Reality)

Procedures and Processes

What cannot be digitized?

9. What is digitization?

Analog to Digital

Continuous to Multi-level

10. What is digitization?

Sampling and Quantization

Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, September, 2003