MMedia 1A03: Introduction to Computing in the Humanities
Week Date Topic Tutorial Learning Small Group Activities Assignments Handed In Homework
Sept. 1 Introduction to Course No tutorial
1 Sept. 8 What is Humanities Computing and Multimedia Using the Web for Research Small groups formed. Worksheet 1: Identify topic and related Web sites
2 Sept. 15 Understanding Multimedia in the Humanities Using online Library resources Worksheet 2: Reading Discussion Worksheet 1
3 Sept. 29 Design of Multimedia Introduction to HTML Worksheet 3: Outline of knowledge on topic Worksheet 2 Homework 1
4 Oct. 6 Interface Design More HTML: Links Small group writing assistance Worksheet 3
  Working on their topic page
5 Oct. 13 Digital Media: Text and Image More HTML Worksheet 4: Reading Discussion Web Topic Paper
  Handling quotations
6 Oct. 20 Digital Media: Sound and Video Dreamweaver Worksheet 5: Designs Worksheet 4 Homework 2
7 Oct. 27 Interactivity More Dreamweaver Small group design assistance Worksheet 5
8 Nov. 3 Hypertext and Hypermedia Site Design in Dreamweaver Worksheet 6: Reading Discussion Page Design
9 Nov. 10 History of Multimedia Computing Review of Web Small group assistance Worksheet 6 Homework 3
  Students work on sites
10 Nov. 17 Futures of Multimedia Computing Introduction to Flash Worksheet 7: Reading Discussion Final Web Project
11 Nov. 24 Multimedia and Learning Animations in Flash Review Worksheet Worksheet 7 Homework 4
12 Dec. 1 Review Get back Web Projects, Ask the TA Homework 5
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