NASSR 1997: Romanticism and Its Others

This website is an archive of information concerning NASSR's fifth annual conference, which was held at McMaster University October 23-26, 1997.

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Conference Theme and General Details

The North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) held its fifth annual conference at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario), 23-26 October 1997. The conference theme was:

Romanticism and its Others

The conference sought to address the question of alterity and Romanticism, i.e., the others "within" and "without" what is called "Romanticism." We defined others and otherness in the broadest possible sense, and solicited work from various methodological and disciplinary perspectives.

Plenary Speakers:

The conference was organized to address the following kinds of questions:

Conference mailing address:

David L. Clark,
Chair, 1997 NASSR Conference Organizing Committee,
Department of English, CNH 321,
McMaster University,
Hamilton, Ontario,

E-mail inquiries about the conference should be directed to:
FAX NUMBER (905) 777-8316

Deadline for All Submissions was 1 April 1997

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Travel and Hotel Information:

Complete details on land and air travel to Hamilton were sent to confereees via snail-mail, along with the conference schedule and other registration material. This material was also put up on the website.

Some helpful information:

1) The conference site is McMaster University, a short cab or city bus ride from the conference hotel, the Hamilton Sheraton (which became fully booked--see alternative hotel below). The Sheraton can be reached at (905) 317-4505 or (905) 529-5515. The conference room rate is $92.00 CAN (approx. $66 US) for single or double occupancy.

Other numbers for the Sheraton:

FAX (905) 529-8266


**When the Sheraton became fully booked, we arranged extra rooms at the Royal Connaught Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, which is a short walk from the Sheraton. The Royal Connaught Hotel can be reached at the following numbers:
Phone: (905) 546-8111
FAX: (905) 546-8121
The rate for the Royal Connaught is $85 Canadian plus tax for single or double.

Colleagues reserving rooms identified themselves as registrants with the NASSR / Romanticism and its Others Conference. Those conference registrants who wished to share a room at the designated conference hotels were asked to contact the conference e-mail address (

2) Here is the flight and travel information we posted prior to the conference:

By air, Hamilton is easily accessible either by the Hamilton Airport or by Pearson International Airport (in Toronto). Canadian and U.S. service to the Hamilton Airport can be limited, but it is certainly worth checking with a travel agent about the possibility of landing there. Depending on where you are coming from, it may be much easier to find cheaper and more convenient flights to Toronto's Pearson Airport. This airport is approximately one hour's drive from downtown Hamilton. From Pearson you can catch either a Trentway Wager Bus to the Hamilton Sheraton for $16.70 CAN (approx. $12 US) one way, or an Airways Transit Van, for a conference rate price of $26 CAN (approx. $17 US). The Trentway Wager bus runs relatively infrequently; for example, there are only two buses in the evenings: 6:30 and 11:59. The Airways Transit Van, on the other hand, is pretty much ready to leave when you arrive. However, it must be booked in advance of your arrival and departure. More extensive details about how to book with Airways will be included in the conference package. If you wish to contact them right away their number is (905) 689-4460. The fax number is (905) 689-5556. E-mail:

If you have any questions about travel and accommodations, please e-mail us at

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 Romanticism and Its Others
The 1997 NASSR Conference

1997 Conference Committee, McMaster University
David L. Clark, English (Conference Chair)
Robert Alexander, English
Adam Carter, English
James Deaville, Music
Donald C. Goellnicht, English
Kevin D. Hutchings, English
Neville Newman, English
Jean Wilson, Modern Languages

Tilottama Rajan (Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism,
University of Western Ontario)

Haley Bordo (Conference Research Assistant)

The Conference Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all those who have helped in the organization of sessions for this year's conference. The Committee is also very grateful to Dean Evan Simpson and Acting Dean Fred Hall (Faculty of Humanities) for their ongoing support in the preparation of this conference. Many thanks to the McMaster Museum of Art for permission to reproduce, on our website, a detail from: Rhadamistes and Zenobia, by Jean-Joseph Taillasson (Photo by The Matthiesen Gallery, London). We invite everyone to attend the special exhibition of Romantic art at the McMaster Museum of Art.

We are also grateful to the Art Gallery of Ontario for
permission to reproduce, on the cover of this brochure,
A Horse Frightened by a Lion (1788) by George Townley Stubbs
[Engraving by mixed methods on laid paper 25.0 X 33.1 cm]

This brochure has been produced by the Canadian Poetry Press, publishers of scholarly editions and critical studies of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Canadian writing. Please direct queries and orders to Dr. David Bentley, General Editor, Canadian Poetry Press, Department of English, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, N6A 3K7 or e-mail

McMaster University Conference Site: Rooms and Buildings

Sessions (Thursday and Friday)

*Togo Salmon Hall (TSH): Room 122; Robinson Memorial Theatre, The New Space
Sessions (Saturday and Sunday)
*Chester New Hall (CNH): Room 102, Room 106, Room 107
Refreshments and Book Display
*Lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)
Plenary Speakers and Concerts
*Convocation Hall
Dean's Reception
*Celebration Hall (Kenneth Taylor Hall [KTH])
Art Exhibit
*McMaster Museum of Art



Fifth Annual Conference of the
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism

October 23-26, 1997

McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada


Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 23

 8:00-9:00 Registration and refreshments: lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre, Togo Salmon Hall (TSH) (Registration continues all day.)
 9:00-10:30    (1.1-1.3) Concurrent Sessions
 1.1: Inventing Romanticisms.

 The New Space (TSH)

 Special session organized by Robert J. Griffin (Tel Aviv U).
1) Alan Richardson (Boston C): "British Romanticism as a Cognitive Category."
2) Kevis Goodman (U of California, Berkeley): "Romanticism's Castaway: Periodization and the Case of William Cowper."
3) Charles Snodgrass (Texas A&M U): "Drawing the Tartan Curtain: The Invention of Scottish Romanticism."
 1.2: Exhibitions and Commodities

 Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

  Moderator: Daniel White (U of Pennsylvania).
1) Hadley J. Mozer (Baylor U): "Advertising in Don Juan."
2) Susan Rosenbaum (U of Michigan): "By Other Names: Sincerity, Disguise, and Romantic Authorship."
3) Eric Gidal (U of Iowa): "Babel's Curse and the Museum's Burden: Shelley, Rossetti, and the Exhibition of Alterity."
 1.3: Teaching Otherwise: Romanticism and Digital Pedagogy


  Special session organized by Nelson Hilton (U of Georgia).
Moderator: Laura Mandell (Miami U of Ohio).
1) Marcel M. O'Gorman (U of Florida): "'The Eye altering, alters all': De-Othering the Picture in the Electronic Classroom."
2) Laura Mandell (Miami U of Ohio): "Teaching with The Romantic Chronology."
3) David S. Miall (U of Alberta): "The Resistance of Reading: Romantic Hypertexts and Pedagogy."


Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)

  (2.1-2.3) Concurrent Sessions

 2.1: The Subject in Question

  Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

  Moderator: Forest Pyle (U of Oregon)
1) Theresa M. Kelley (U of Texas at Austin): "Interiority and Romantic Otherness."
2) Joel Faflak (U of Western Ontario): "Analysis Interminable in the Other Wordsworth."
3) Scott Simpkins (U of North Texas): "`Troubled Manhood': The Male `Other' in Byron's Lara."
 2.2: Bodies

The New Space (TSH)

  Moderator: Nancy Goslee (U of Tennessee).
1) Paul Youngquist (Penn State U): "De Quincey's 'Crazy Body.'"
2) James Najarian (Davidson C): "The Risen Keats: Remembering the Body of the Poet."
3) Mary-Kelly Persyn (U of Washington): "Which Bodies Matter? Cyclical Embodiment, Materialism, and Subjection in The Four Zoas."
 2.3: Romantic Plebian Poets and the Question of Class


  Special session organized by Bridget Keegan (Creighton U).
1) Scott McEathron (Southern Illinois U at Carbondale): "Wordsworth and the Problem of Peasant Poetry."
2) Alan Vardy (Simon Fraser U): "The Construction of John Clare's Class(es)."
3) Gary Harrison (U of New Mexico): " Despair and Desire in the Work of John Clare."


Lunch (on your own)

 (3.1-3.3) Concurrent Sessions
3.1: Romantic Love: That Obscure Other of Desire


 Moderator: Janet Ruth Heller (Grand Valley State U).
1) Ross Hamilton (Barnard C, Columbia U): "Learning to Love."
2) Charles Mahoney (U of Connecticut): "The Other Man and the Figure of the Coquet."
3) Adela Pinch (Rutgers): "Thinking about the Other in Romantic Love." (Paper to be read by Karen Swann [Williams C])
3.2: The Forms of Aesthetics

Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

 Moderator: Julie Costello (U of Notre Dame).
1) Thomas Pfau (Duke U): "The Pleasure of Form: 'Unknowing' from Immanuel Kant to Eduard Hanslick."
2) Tilottama Rajan (U of Western Ontario): "Neither Form nor Outline: Negativity and Potentiality in Hegel's Aesthetics."
3) Arkady Plotnitsky (Duke U): "A Dancing Arch: Formalism and Singularity in Kleist, Shelley, and de Man."
 3.3: Mary Shelley's Imaginings of the Outsider

 The New Space (TSH)

  Special session organized by Anne K. Mellor (U of California, Los Angeles).
1) Jeanne Moskal (U of North Carolina): "Mary Shelley and the Outsider in History of Six-Weeks Tour."
2) Gary Dyer (Brandeis U): "Victor Frankenstein in the Footsteps of Edgar Huntly: Defending the Innocent from Vengeful Savages."
3) Anne K. Mellor (UCLA): "Frankenstein, Racial Science and the Yellow Peril."

 3:30-4:00  Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)
 4:00-5:30  (4.1-4.3) Concurrent Sessions
4.1: Romantic Ideologies and their Others


 Special session organized by Chris Foss (Texas Christian U).
1) Sarah M. Zimmerman (U of Wisconsin-Madison) and Chad Edgar (Edgewood C): "Charlotte Smith, Byron, and the Production of the Popular Romantic Text."
2) Bruce Boeckel (Northwestern C): "Striking a Revolutionary Pose: The Ideological Interface of Alpine Vistas, Private Passions, and Public Spaces."
3) Robert Kaufman (Stanford U): "The Other of Ideology-Critique: Aesthetics, Poetics, and Experiment in Romanticism, Modernism, and After."
 4.2: Writing with Others: Romantic Collaboration

 Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

  Special session organized by Alison Hickey (Wellesley C).
1) Victoria Myers (Pepperdine U): "Collaboration/Expropriation: The Fall of Robespierre."
2) Susan Murley (U of Toronto): "The Use of Marginalia in Coleridge's Aids to Reflection: Collaboration as Supplementation."
3) Andrew Franta (Johns Hopkins U): "Keats and Review Culture."
 4.3: The Containment of English India

 The New Space (TSH)

  Special session organized by Daniel O'Quinn (U of Guelph).
1) Balachandra Rajan (U of Western Ontario): "Monstrous Pathologies: Southey and The Curse of Kehama."
2) Marjean D. Purinton (Texas Tech U): "Mariana Starke's The Sword of Peace: Staging the Myths of British Cultural Politics in India."
3) Rajani Sudan (U of Texas, Arlington): "East Feeds West."

5:30-7:00 Dinner (on your own)

Plenary Speaker

 Robinson Memorial Theater (TSH)


 Hans Eichner
Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto
Harry Lyman Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor, McMaster University

"German Romanticism and Its Other: Friedrich Schlegel and Goethe"

Moderator: Nicholas Halmi (U of Toronto)

Friday, October 24


 Registration and refreshments: (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre, Togo Salmon Hall (TSH) (Registration continues all day.)

 (5.1-5.5) Concurrent Sessions
5.1: Excess and Subjection

Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

 Moderator: Roxanne Eberle (U of Georgia)
1) Toby R. Benis (Saint Louis U): "Critical Conditions: Homelessness, Exile and the Law's Assault on Mobility in the 1790's."
2) Sophie Thomas (U of Toronto): "Minding the Gap: `Christabel,' The Fragmentary, and the Uncanny."
3) Denise Gigante (Princeton U): "Ugliness in Frankenstein: The Other Aesthetic Discourse."
 5.2: Other Histories

 The New Space (TSH)

  Moderator: Debbie Lee (U of Arizona).
1) Martin Wallen (Oklahoma State U): "Other Histories in Coleridgean Criticism."
2) Michael Gamer (U of Pennsylvania): "Rematerializing Gothic in the Romantic Period."
3) Tom Crochunis: "Romantic Studies and the Resistance to Theatre."
 5.3: Rethinking German Romanticism


  Moderator: Jean Wilson (McMaster University).
1) Kari Lokke (U of California, Davis): "`An Ideal Relation Realized': Bettine Von Arnim's Die Günderode and German Romanticism."
2) Angela Esterhammer (U of Western Ontario): "I am / You are: Otherness and Identity in the Language of Hölderlin."
3) Jan Plug (Université Paris 7): "An Other Theory: Romanticism and the Invention of Literature."

Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)
 10:30-12:00   (6.1-6.3) Concurrent Sessions

6.1: Spectral Romanticisms

The New Space (TSH)

 Special session organized by Marc Redfield (Claremont Graduate School).
1) Karen Swann (Williams C): "The Strange Time of Reading."
2) Jerrold E. Hogle (U of Arizona): "The Gothic Ghost as Counterfeit and its Haunting of Romanticism."
3) Laura E. Quinney (Brandeis U): "Wordsworth's Ghosts and the Model of the Mind."
 6.2: Governance and Literature: Reading English India

 Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

  Moderator: Asha Varadharajan (Queen's U).
1) Siraj Ahmed (Columbia U): "The Missionary and Romantic Anticolonialism."
2) Fred Hoerner (U of Texas, Austin): "Why Shiva Stumped Him: the Governing Limits of Reading in the Mythography of Sir William Jones."
3) Daniel O'Quinn (U of Guelph): "Inchbald's Indies."
  6.3: Recuperating Rousseau: The Forgotten Other


 Special session organized by Tom McCall (U of Houston CL).
1) Nancy Yousef (Harvard U): "Sentiments of Existence: Towards the Rereading of Romantic Autonomy."
2) Susan Blood (Yale U): "The One and the Many in Rousseau and Baudelaire."
3) Oleg Krochik (CUNY): "System and Spectacle: Rousseau and the Theoretical Project of Romanticism."


 Lunch (on your own)

Special Event

Convocation Hall

 "Those Terrible Turks! -- and Gypsies, and Monks (and Almost Everybody Else): A Lecture-Recital on Musical Romanticism and Its "Others."

Michael Saffle, musicologist (Virginia Tech)
Craig Fields, baritone (Virginia Tech)

NASSR Advisory Board Luncheon Meeting (Closed Meeting): Skylight Room, 2nd Floor, Commons Bldg.


(7.1-7.3) Concurrent Sessions
7.1: Queer Romanticism.

Robinson Memorial Theatre (TSH)

 Special session organized by Robert Tobin (Whitman C).
1) Christian Gundermann (Cornell U): "It all happened in a Dash -- Toward a Queer Reading of Affect and Syntax in 'Die Marquise von O.'"
2) Catriona MacLeod (Yale U): "Twilight Zones: Ambiguous Femininity in Eichendorff's 'Ahnung und Gegenwart.'"
3) Fred Randel (U of California, San Diego): "Mountain Purity and the Esoteric Homoeroticism of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto III."
4) Gregory Wassil (Universidad Interamerica de Puerto Rico): "Transvestite Practices in Keats."
 7.2: The "Other" Wordsworth.

 The New Space (TSH)

 Special session organized by Jill Heydt-Stevenson (U of Colorado at Boulder) and Jeffrey Robinson (U of Colorado).
1) Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent U): "The Haunted Tree."
2) Jeffrey N. Cox (Texas A&M U): "Re-Covering Italy: Wordsworth's Memorials of a Tour in Italy, 1837."
3) Bruce Graver (Providence C): "The Classical Wordsworth."
4) Elizabeth Green (Boston C): "Narcissus Meets Joan: The Others at the Farewell to Rydal Mount."
 7.3: Literary Histories, New and Old


  Moderator: Stephanie Brown (Rijks Universiteit Leiden)
1) J. Douglas Kneale (U of Western Ontario): "Repression of the Classical in Romanticism."
2) Michelle Turner Sharp (East Carolina U): "Mirroring the Future: Romantic Elegy and the Life in Letters."
3) Ted Underwood (Cornell U): "Science and Romantic Skepticism: Why Humphry Davy Isn't in the (Old, or New) Anthologies."


 Plenary Speaker

  Convocation Hall

Ian Balfour
York University

"The Power of the Letter in the Discourse of the Infinite: On the Judaic and the Sublime."

Moderator: TBA

  Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)


 Plenary Speaker

  Convocation Hall

Julie Ellison
University of Michigan

"News and Blues, or, Sensibility, Geography, and the Press."

Moderator: Daniel O'Quinn (U of Guelph)

 Dean's Reception

 Celebration Hall, Kenneth Taylor Hall


 Concert *

Artist: Heather Toews
Faculty of Music, Sir Wilfred Laurier University

 Convocation Hall

 Clara Wieck Schumann:  Quatre Pièces Caractéristiques, Opus 5 (1834-1836)
Impromptu: Le Sabbat
Caprice à la Boléro
Scène fantastique: Le Ballet des Revenants
 Robert Schumann:  Sonata in F sharp minor, Opus 11 (1832-36) "To Clara from Florestan and Eusebius"
Introduzione: Un poco Adagio - Allegro vivace
Scherzo e Intermezzo: Allegrissimo - Lento alla burla, ma pomposo
Finale: Allegro un poco maestoso

 *Partial funding for Professor Toew's performance was provided by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Saturday, October 25


Registration and refreshments: (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre, Togo Salmon Hall (TSH) (Registration continues until 1:15 pm)

(8) Concurrent Sessions

8.1: Animals and Environments

Chester New Hall 102

 Moderator: Onno Oerlemanns (U of Ottawa)
1) Kevin D. Hutchings (McMaster U): "Nature's Economy, Nature's Alterity: 'Every Thing That Lives' and The Book of Thel."
2) Kurt Fosso (Lewis & Clark C): "The Romantic Animal: Animal Representation and Community in Wordsworth and Coleridge."
3) Stephanie Rowe (U of Oregon): "'An Excellent Hold for the Hands': Reading the Primate in Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue."
 8.2: (M)others:

 Chester New Hall 106

 Moderator: Mary Keczan-Ebos (York U).
1) Eleanor Ty (Sir Wilfrid Laurier U): "Sexualizing the M/Other: Maternal Anxieties and Female Desire in Amelia Opie's Temper."
2) Robert C. Hale (Texas A&M U, Kingsville): "Wordsworth's Poetics and the Balance of Self and (M)others: Reading the `Blessed Babe' in 1805 and 1850."
3) Kathryn J. Ready (U of Ottawa): "A Problematic Subject: Maternal Gesturing in Felicia Hemans's Records of Woman."
 8.3: Romanticism's Other Disciplines: Law, Economics, Journalism, and the Professionalization of Experience

 Chester New Hall 107

  Special session organized by Thomas Pfau (Duke U).
1) Mark Canuel (U of Illinois-Chicago): "Coleridge and the State of Sedition."
2) Karen Weisman (U of Toronto): "Person-hood and the Law of Provocation: a (Romantic) Legal History of a State of Mind."
3) Michael Macovski (Fordham U): "Regency Law, Censorship, and the Commodification of Discourse: The Case of Byron."


Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)

 (9.1-9.3) Concurrent Sessions

9.1: European Romanticism and the Orient Chester New Hall 102
 Moderator: Michael Laplace-Sinatra (St. Catherine's C, Oxford U).
1) Ranita Chatterjee (U of Utah): "Of Seraglios and Others: Mary Shelley's 'Safie' and the Cultural Boundaries of British Romanticism."
2) Gary Handwerk (U of Washington): "Envisioning India: Friedrich Schlegel's Sanskrit Studies and the Emergence of Romantic Historiography."
3) Kevin Hickey (SUNY at Oneonta): "'Bind[ing] Together with Passion and Knowledge': (Exotic) Others at Home and Abroad in William Wordsworth and Eugène Delacroix."
 9.2: Paternal Desire

 Chester New Hall 106

  Moderator: Mark Hansen (Princeton U)
1) Shannon Zimmerman (U of Georgia): "`Strange Ruin': Power, Incest and the Disruptive Father in Percy Shelley's The Cenci."
2) Maureen O'Connor (Claremont Graduate School): "The Disfigured Father in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein."
3) Guinn Batten (Duke U): "Blake's Spectral Fathers and His Gonadal Golgonooza."
 9.3: Imagining the Romantic Public Sphere

 Chester New Hall 107

  Special session organized by Amanda Berry (Rhode Island School of Design).
1) Douglas Scott Berman (U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee): "Coleridge on Coleridge: Abstract Philosophy, Persuasion and Public Audience in Biographia Literaria."
2) Ghislaine McDayter (Bucknell U): "Public Poets and Private Affairs: Byron and the Commodification of Romanticism."
3) Lisa Steinman (Reed C): "Slaves of Passion & Sickly Sensibility: Audiences, Narrative, and Lyric, 1812-1819.


Lunch (on your own)

NASSR Business Meeting:

Memorial Robinson Theatre (TSH)


(10.1-10.3) Concurrent Sessions

10.1: Theoretical Inflections

Chester New Hall 102

 Moderator: David Ferris (Queens College--CUNY)
1) Gordon Teskey (Cornell U): "Assimilation."
2) William D. Melaney (U of Nebraska at Kearney): "Schleiermacher and Linguistics: Interpretation as an Infinite Task."
3) Teresa Younga Chung (Duke U): "Making Public Reason Private: Gespräch and the Legitimation of Power."
 10.2: The Musical Other  Chester New Hall 106
 Special session organized by Lawrence Kramer (Fordham U, Harry Lyman Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor, McMaster U) and Richard Leppert (U of Minnesota).
1) Annette Kreutziger-Herr (U of Hamburg): "The Child as Cultural Other."
2) Lawrence Kramer (Fordham U): "The Harem Threshold: Beethoven's Turkish Music and Philhellenism."
3) Richard Leppert (U of Minnesota): "Desiring Difference: Virtuosic Display and Audience Subjectivity."
4) Marshall Brown (U of Washington): "Othering the Past, Authoring the Future: Mozartian Romanticism and the Figure of Bach."
 10.3: Romantic Theatre and its Other Stages  Chester New Hall 107
 Special session organized by Judith Pascoe (U of Iowa) and Catherine Burroughs (Cornell U).
1) John A. Hodgson (Princeton U): "An Other Voice: Ventriloquism in the Romantic Period."
2) Maureen Dowd (Loyola U, Chicago): "Private Theatricals and Public Theaters: The Politics of Identity in Lady Morgan's Florence Macarthy."
3) Reeve Parker (Cornell U): "Casus Cenci: Shelley's Delicacy, Wordsworth's Dying Fall."
4) Respondent: Alex Dick (U of Western Ontario).


Plenary Speaker

  Convocation Hall


 Marjorie Levinson
University of Michigan
Harry Lyman Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor, McMaster University

"Picturing Pleasure: Elizabeth Bishop's Poetry."

Moderator: Ina Ferris (U of Ottawa)

 Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)

 Special Event

 Convocation Hall

 "Romanticism" in Crisis:
A Panel Discussion on Period and Profession
Is the term "Romanticism" losing its literary-historical and professional currency? If so, what are the causes and consequences, both for those already in and those seeking to enter the profession? What, if anything, should be done, and why? These and related questions will be addressed in six brief position papers, to be followed by an hour-long open discussion. Participants: Charles Rzepka (Boston U), Greg Kucich (U of Notre Dame), Beth Lau (California State U, Long Beach), Clifford Siskin (SUNY, Stony Brook), Elizabeth Jones, and a joint statement by Susan Wolfson (Princeton U) and William Galperin (Rutgers), read by William Galperin.

 Conference Banquet (Downtown):

Webster ABC, Hamilton Convention Centre
(access via the walkway from the Sheraton Hotel).

Sunday, October 26


  Refreshments (lobby of Robinson Memorial Theatre)

(11) Concurrent Sessions

11.1: The Production of the Family

Chester New Hall 102

Moderator: Susan Brown (U of Guelph).
1) Michael T. Williamson (Indiana U of Pennsylvania): "Entitling Mothers and Fathers in Mary Lamb's Tales from Mrs. Leicester's School."
2) Anne Wallace (U of Southern Mississippi): "Home Again at Grasmere: Revising the Family in Dove Cottage."
3) Donelle R. Ruwe (Fitchburg State C): "Fabulous Histories and Moral Imaginations: Sarah Trimmer and William Godwin."
 11.2: Coppet and its Others

 Chester New Hall 106

 Special session organized by Ann T. Gardiner (New York U).
1) Fabienne Moore (New York U): "Chateaubriand's Alter Egos: Mme de Staël, Napoleon and the Indian Savage."
2) Nanora Sweet (U of Missouri, St. Louis): "Sismondi's Historiography: Republican Martyr as Male `Other' at Coppet."
3) Joanne Wilkes (U of Auckland): "`Interred at Coppet?' Byron Reburies Germaine de Staël."
 11.3: Britain's Internal Others: Irish and Scottish Romanticism

 Chester New Hall 107

 Moderator: Justin Baird (U of Western Ontario).
1) Esther Wohlgemut (U of Ottawa): "`The harp means Ireland': Colonial Discourse and Self-Representation in Lady Caroline Lamb's Glenarvon."
2) Samantha Webb (Temple U): "Walter Scott's Tales of my Landlord Series and the Limits of Antiquarian Knowledge."
3) Miranda Burgess (U of New Brunswick): "Petticoat Nation: Scott, Scotland, and Britain's Other History in George IV's Jaunt and The Heart of Midlothian."


(12) Concurrent Sessions

12.1: Wordsworth and Materiality

Chester New Hall 102

Moderator: Alan Bewell (U of Toronto).
1) Alan Bewell (U of Toronto): "Hybrid Landscapes: Colonial Psychopathology in The Brothers.'"
2) Vince Willoughby (U of California, Santa Barbara): "Waddsworth: Wordsworth, the Borrowdale Mines, and Technologies of Writing."
3) Robert Frost Anderson (Oakland U): "'As on a Picture': Commodity, Form, and Poetic Form in The Ruined Cottage."
 12.2: Gender in Romanticism's Other Genres

 Chester New Hall 106

 Special session organized by Katherine Binhammer (U of Alberta).
1) Andrea Henderson (U of Michigan): "Keats, Tighe, and the Feminine Soul."
2) Angela D. Jones (Cornell C): "Autobiography by Any 'Other' Name: Women Travel Writers and the Problem of Romantic Self-Representation."
3) Lauren Gillingham (York U): "Traumatic Crossings: Histories of the Self in Mary Shelley's Mathilda."
 12.3: Ships, Maps, and Plagues: Insular Britain

 Chester New Hall 107

 Moderator: Julia Douthwaite (U of Notre Dame)
1) Michael Laplace-Sinatra (Oxford U): "The Conflict of Gender and Genre: Science as the Other in Frankenstein."
2) Julia Wright (U of Waterloo): "'This Little Globe': Anxieties of Space in Mary Shelley's The Last Man."
3) Creighton Don (U of Michigan): "The Borderlands of Sympathy: Disease and the Orient in Mary Shelley's The Last Man."

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Jean-Joseph Taillasson
Detail: Rhadamistes and Zenobia
Collection of McMaster University
Photo by The Matthiesen Gallery, London
(Artwork removed from website with expiration of copyright permission after conference)

The McMaster Museum of Art, which hosted an exhibition of Romantic art in conjunction with NASSR '97, is a cultural resource for many communities. It houses McMaster University's nationally-significant collection of close to 6,000 works of art, presents a range of permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and offers a regular schedule of public programmes. Highlights include an internationally-recognized collection of German Expressionist prints; a selection of European Old Master paintings; a survey collection of Canadian historical and contemporary art; and a collection of Inuit art with an emphasis on Cape Dorset prints and sculpture. A permanent exhibition of the Herman H. Levy Collection, featuring intimate 17th-century and significant 19th-century paintings by Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Vincent van Gogh, is always worth a look.

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Partial funding generously provided by:
Dr. Harry Lyman Hooker Fund (McMaster University)
The Taylor Family
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
The Great Graduate Student Book Sale
Department of English (McMaster University)
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
School of Graduate Studies (McMaster University)
PLURALT (Plurality and Altérité) Interdisciplinary Research Group (McMaster University)
John Ebos Fuels Ltd.
The Hamilton Spectator
Barabco: Fine Quality Builders and Renovators
Department of French (McMaster University)

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