Reflective summaries

A reflective summary of an assigned reading combines a summary of the reading with some reflection on it.

Reflective summaries submitted for the informal logic component of the Windsor summer institute on argumentation should be one single-spaced or two double-spaced pages in length. They should be about evenly divided between summary and reflection, which means that the summary will necessarily be partial. Include in your summary all and only that which is necessary to motivate and ground your reflection. Your reflection should raise an issue and discuss it to the extent that space limitations permit. The issue can be one of interpretation, consideration of consequences of a stated position, defence of a stated position against a common objection, evaluation, and so forth. In other words, it should be a question whose answer involves your own thinking about something in the assigned reading. Your reflection need not be antagonistic to the point of view expressed in the assigned reading; it can be supportive or clarificatory.

Your summary will be graded on the basis of its accuracy, completeness (relative to the issue discussed in your reflection), salience (i.e. avoidance of unimportant and irrelevant details), clarity and coherence.

Your reflection will be graded on the basis of the significance of the issue raised and the insightfulness of your response.

Reflective summaries should be submitted as e-mail attachments to Dr. Hitchcock at by 11:59 p.m. on the following dates:

They may be submitted in WordPerfect, Word (2007 or earlier) or pdf.

For an example of what is required, click here .