I am currently the PI or a co-applicant on four major grants funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada:

  1. Bullet Grammatical vs semantic features: the semantics-morphology mapping, and its consequences for syntax (PI; co-applicant: Betsy Ritter, University of Calgary; collaborator: Nicholas Welch, University of Toronto; 2016-2021)

  1. Bullet The relation between definite and indefinite articles and free word order: a typological study (PI; SSHRC Insight Grant; 2012-2016)

  1. Bullet Sinâni: Inuttitut on the Edge (co-applicant; PI: Alana Johns, University of Toronto; SSHRC Insight Grant; 2015-2019)

  1. Bullet Copular agreement systems: Locality and domains (co-applicant, PI: Susana Bejar, University of Toronto; SSHRC Insight Grant; 2013-2018)