Lady Audley's Secret

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

This electronic edition of Lady Audley's Secret was created from the eighth edition published in three-decker format by Tinsley Bros. in 1862.

Lady Audley's Secret began serial publication in the Robin Goodfellow in July 1861, but its run was cut short by the discontinuance of the Robin Goodfellow in September 1861. It reappeared the next year when The Sixpenny Magazine published it in monthly installments between February 1862 and January 1863. The novel was incredibly successful, seeing eight editions in the expensive three-decker format between October and December 1862, months before it finished its serial run.

Keeping with the tradition of serial publication, the electronic edition of Lady Audley's Secret will be published in installments. Whether these will appear here monthly or bi-weekly will be determined by the speed at which they become available. Installments will appear, however, in the three to four chapter segments in which they were originally published in The Sixpenny Magazine.

Update: After some time-consuming set-backs, online publication of Lady Audley's Secret has resumed. The latest installment has been posted in haste to satisfy the sensational desire of some current readers of VSO's Lady Audley's Secret. This has meant posting the chapters prior to conducting the necessary proofing of the chapters. This will be done and the proofed versions will replace the current chapters.

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