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Learning about the World Wide Web and HTML

The following is from the "HTML Assistant Newsletter", an Email publication concerning the use of the MS Windows hypertext editors, "HTML Assistant" and "HTML Assistant Pro".

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Start with an overview of the Web:

Read the World Wide Web FAQ first.

Next, look at the WWW Primer.

You might also want to see the CERN World Wide Web background information document.

Now delve into the basics of writing HTML:

The basic document for all HTML beginners is the HTML Primer.

If you want to go directly to the source, look at the official HTML specification document.

You will also need to learn something about URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) which are the pointers or addresses that browsers use to locate information on the Web.

Start with the URL primer.

If you need more information, read the URL specification document.

How to get the hypertext editor, HTML Assistant

If you use Microsoft Windows you can create and edit your HTML documents with HTML Assistant, available via anonymous FTP at: in the subdirectory "/htmlasst/" .

If you wish, you can view the HTML Assistant FAQ.

You can download HTML Assistant directly by clicking here. The file, "", is under 180K bytes in length.

If you don't already have it, you will also need the file "vbrun300.dll". You can download it by clicking here as "" -- length is about 230K bytes.

To see a beautiful example of what can be done with HTML

take this tour of the Louvre in Paris.

Want to learn about how to create documents with fill-out-forms?

A good starting point is NCSA's tutorial on that subject.

To go further:

The HTML Developer's page is a good place to begin looking into some of HTML's more advanced features.

Here is a list of other useful sources of information:

This document was prepared by Howard Harawitz, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Updated: May 31, 1994

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