Amy Brewitt

Amy Brewitt is a second year M.A. student. She received her Honours B.A. in Music History from the University of Toronto at Scarborough in June 2000, with minors in History and Political Science. Her recent travels include a trip to Ireland to watch U2 play at Slane Castle. Back to Contents

Nadine Burke

Hamiltonian Nadine J-M. Burke completed the Applied Music Program at Mohawk College in 1983. In 2000 she graduated in Honours Music at McMaster University, specializing in History and Theory, with a Minor in Women's Studies. Currently she is working on her thesis A Feminist Exploration of Women Making Music in Canada: Issues of Cultural Identity that Influence Compositional Styles and Strategies for her Masters in Music Criticism at McMaster University. Back to Contents

Anne-Marie Camilleri

Anne-Marie Camilleri graduated from McMaster University in 2000, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and Music. She has also obtained a Teacher's Diploma from Conservatory Canada. Anne-marie is currently in her first year of the M.A. programe of Music Criticism at McMaster University. Back to Contents

Jane Clifton

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Nicholas Donlevy

Nick is from England and received a BMus (Hons) from the University of Surrey in 1999. Having spent two years working he decided to return to academia and study an M.A. course here in Canada, of which this is his first year. Special interests include the concept of evil and the evocation of fear in music, Web design (thanks to this course!), and in his spare time - sleeping. Visit Nick's personal web page. Back to Contents

Jay Hodgson

Jay Hodgson spent five years (1995-2000) at the Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA) trying to become a rock star. At some point, he realized that he was a nerd. In light of this revelation, Jay decided that he didn't like being out of school -- the freedom was wretched. He enrolled at McMaster University to get a Masters in Music Criticism. This way, he thought, he could apply for PhD studies (which he will do this year) so that he will never have to leave school again. Back to Contents

Rebekah Jordan

Rebekah Jordan is 22 years of age and a recent piano performance graduate from the Eastman School of Music, where she also received an Arts Leadership degree. She is a Golden Key Honour Society recipient and is currently a first year graduate student at McMaster University, working on a degree in Music Criticism. Back to Contents

Jordan Newman

Jordan comes from a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree in percussion from McGill University, Montreal, 1999. He is currently in his second year of the M.A. program in Music Criticism at McMaster University in Hamilton. His thesis is focused on Jewish heritage music in Canada, and he hopes to dive into military-bagpipe music, and video-game music in the near future. Back to Contents

William Renwick

William Renwick completed B.Mus, and M.Mus. degrees at the University of British Columbia, following which he took the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Music Theory at the City University of New York, where he specialized in Schenkerian studies under Carl Schachter, Joel Lester, and Charles Burkhart.  His research interests encompass studies in tonal counterpoint and analysis as well as computer applications in music research. Back to Contents