MUSIC 701, Repertoire

Rondos and Ritornellos
music will be provided by the instructor.

List 1 represents pieces that we will be looking at together in class and for weekly analysis assignments.

Bach, Sich Uben (Wedding Cantata)
Bach, Gerechter Gott, Cantata 89 (DC, no B section)
Bach, Endlich, Cantata 56 (full DC)
Bach, Berichte Dich, Zion (Christmas Oratorio) (full DC)
Bach, Aria, Cantata 12 (full DC)
Bach, Aria, Cantata 1 (DS, no B section)
Bach, Aria, Cantata 6 (DS, no B section)

Mozart: Sonata in B-flat, K 281, finale (sonata-rondo)
Mozart: Sonata in D, K 284, second movement
Mozart: Sonata in F, K 533 and 494, finale
Mozart: Sonata in D, K 576, finale

Beethoven, Sonata 2 (Op 2 No. 2) second movement
Beethoven, Sonata 8 (Pathetique, Op 13) second movement

List 2 represents pieces that are the subject of your investigations, presentations, and articles.

Handel, He Was Despised (full DC)
Handel The Trumpet Shall Sound (full DC)

Teleman, Flute music
Jane Savage, Rondos

Mozart: Sonata in C, K 309, finale
Mozart: Sonata in D, K 311, finale

Beethoven, Sonata 4, Op. 7, finale
Beethoven, Sonata 8 in C minor (Pathetique), Op 13; finale