MUSIC 701, 2001, Course Schedule

Class 1: September 10
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis
  • Sample Analysis 1
  • Readings and Assignments:
    1. Research for oral presentation on Rondo and Ritornello definitions;.
    2. Read up on--you choose the source(s)--and report (written) on these Schenkerian terms:  a) levels; b) prolongation, c) Urlinie (Fundamental Line)
    3. FTP a page to yur web address in mus701
    4. Analyse the Ritornello of Endlich (Cantata 56) using graphic notation

    Class 2: September 17
    1. (based on student info)

    December 6: publication date for Schenkerian Analysis Forum 
    Write to the instructor, William Renwick at