Origins 3A03

BSB 119    Monday evenings, 7-10 p.m.

In this last three weeks of term in Winter 2016, students from Origins 3A03 will be joining the students from Philosophy 3D03, Philosophy of Science. Here is a link to the website for that course. The new classroom for the combined course is BSB 119.

The 3D03 students have been looking at more general issues in the philosophy of science, such as scientific method, theory change, scientific revolutions, the status of scientific laws, and realism. For the last three weeks of that course, with you, they are looking at a specific issue, the philosophy of space and time. The set text is

Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time, Tim Maudlin. Princeton University Press; 2015. $23.70 ISBN-13: 978-0691165714.

This is the same Tim Maudlin who authored the book you have been studying in Origins3A03.

The  syllabus  for the three classes is as follows:

10    Mar 21    Classical Space and Time            Maudlin, Space and Time, chs. 1, 2.

11    Mar 28    Special Relativity                           Maudlin,Space and Time,  chs. 3, 4.  

12    Apr 4    Black Holes, Big Bang and Time    Maudlin, Space and Time, chs. 6, 7.

requirements: For the first of the three classes please come with 2 comments (one sentence or brief paragraph each: I do not want your reading notes) on points of interest which you think will stimulate class discussion. These should be typed, and handed in at the beginning of class, saving a copy for yourself to use when called upon. For the last two classes I have set study questions.

evaluation: you will be set an assignment to be accessed on April 14th, 7:30 p.m. and completed that evening. Please make sure you have this time free! It will be worth roughly 10% of your final grade (to be confirmed by Dr. Stone; please consult his formula on Avenue).

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