Course Requirements

Required Texts

G. W. LEIBNIZ, Philosophical Essays, ed. and tr. Roger Ariew and Daniel Garber (Hackett, 1989); (hereafter AG).

R. T. W. ARTHUR, Leibniz (Polity Press, October 2014).

R. T. W. ARTHUR, Monads, Composition and Force, (ms., available on Avenue).

Recommended Texts

G. W. LEIBNIZ , The Labyrinth of the Continuum, ed. and tr. R. T. W. Arthur (Yale, 2001) (hereafter LoC). Selections will all be provided on-line, but you may wish to have the real McCoy.

Course Requirements

Seminar presentation on the topic to be discussed in any given week. You should prepare your presentation in such a way as to maximize class discussion.(10%)

Write-up of your presentation outline into a short discussion paper (~3000 words), due in class 1 week after discussion.(20%)

Term paper (around 6000-7000 words) on any topic relating to the seminar. You should discuss the topic with me to ensure that the topic is acceptable and doable, before beginning writing. Papers are due (e-mailed and in my mailbox in UH 310) by midnight of on December 16th (extensions available on request). (60%)

You are also expected to contribute actively to the class discussion each week.(10%)

E-mail policy: It is the policy of the Faculty of Humanities that all email correspondence sent from students to instructors (including TAs), and from students to staff, must originate from the student's own McMaster email account. This policy protects confidentiality and confirms the identity of the student. Instructors will delete emails that do not originate from a McMaster account.

Richard T. W. Arthur 2014