Required Texts

1. TIM MAUDLIN, Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time. Princeton University Press; 2012. ISBN-13: 978-0691165714. Cdn$23.70

2. GOTTFRIED LEIBNIZ AND SAMUEL CLARKE, Correspondence. Hackett Pub Co Inc; 2000. ISBN-13: 978-0872205246. Cdn$18.56

3. RICHARD ARTHUR, The Reality of Time Flow: local becoming in modern physics, (draft manuscript for Springer, to be made available online).

4. various articles available through the library’s e-resources

Course Requirements

    Contributions to class discussion (10%) 

   Leading a class discussion on a relevant topic of your choice, subject to my approval; presenting this in such a way as to maximize class discussion (10%)

   Write up of your presentation outline into a discussion paper (6-10 typed double-spaced pages), due 1 week after discussion. (20%)

   A draft of a research paper on any relevant topic of your choice (at least 5 typed double-spaced pages), due by the eighth week of term; this is a prerequisite for the paper . . .   

  Final version of research paper of 15-20 typed double-spaced pages, due April 12. (60%)   

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