(this is a provisional syllabus, and will be adjusted as we go along) 

Week            Lecture Title                                Required Readings

1      Jan 11    introduction                                 N/A

2      Jan 18    absolute vs. relational theories I     Maudlin, ch. 1; 

                                                                       Leibniz-Clarke: Correspondence, letters 1 to 3 & replies;

                                                                       + Appendices A and B

3      Jan 25    absolute vs. relational theories II    Maudlin, ch. 2; 

                                                                       Leibniz-Clarke: Correspondence, letters 4 & 5 & replies; 

                                                                       Arthur: “Newton and Leibniz on the relativity of motion”.

4      Feb 1     classical spacetime                       Maudlin, ch. 3; 

                                                                       Arthur: “Space and Relativity in Newton and Leibniz”;

5      Feb 8     space and time in special relativity Maudlin: chs. 4 and 5; 

                                                                       DiSalle: Space and Time: Inertial Frames.

————— Feb 15-22 Midterm Recess—————


6      Feb 22   general relativity                                   Maudlin, chs. 6, 7;

                                                                       Ryckman: Early Philosophical Interpretations of General Relativity.

7      Feb 29   time in classical philosophy            Arthur, RTF, prospectus, ch. 1 (—

                                                                       click them! these are active links)!

8      Mar 7    becoming in classical physics          Arthur, RTF, ch. 1 cont. + chapter 2 here;

                                                                       Maudlin, "Remarks on the Passing of Time", Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Vol. 102 (2002), pp. 259-274. Available through the library electronic resources.

9      Mar 14   relativity and the lapse of time       Arthur, RTF, chapter 3 here

10    Mar 21   relativity and the present               Arthur, "Minkowski Spacetime and the Dimensions of the Present" here;

                                                                       chapter 4 draft (in process).

11    Mar 28   time in general relativity                Arthur, RTF, ch. 5—here;

                                                                       Savitt, Being and Becoming in Modern Physics" here. The article I linked here, by Earman and Wüthrich, Time Machines, is without doubt too technical. Slightly less technical is this one by Arntzenius and Maudlin. (I do not expect you to pick up more than the general idea from those two SEP entries.)

12    Apr 4     becoming in quantum theory          Arthur, RTF, ch. 6 (in process);

                                                                       Tim Folger,"Time May Not Exist", Wayne Myrvold, "Relativistic Quantum Becoming", and let's finish with John Norton, "Time Really Passes". The first and third are easy reading; the second, more technical, but very clear in the prose parts.

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