Required Texts

1.     Man a Machine, Julien de La Mettrie, Hackett. ISBN: 0-87220-194-5.

3.     Rameau's Nephew and Other Works, Denis Diderot, Hackett 2001. ISBN: 0-87220-486-3.

4.     Candide, Voltaire, ed. Eric Palmer, Broadview Press. ISBN: 978-1-55111-746-1.

Other texts, such as Mandeville’s Fable of the Bees and Diderot's Early Philosophical Works, (ed. and transl. Margaret JOURDAIN) to be made available either online or on Avenue.

Course Requirements

·       Reflective comments on the readings: For each week’s required readings you are required to compose 2 comments (one brief paragraph each) on points of interest which you think will stimulate class discussion. (NB: I do not wish to see all your reading notes! Just select 2 noteworthy observations.) When called upon in class to share your observations, you must have something interesting to offer, you will lose credit for that week. A hard copy of these comments must be submitted in person at the beginning of each class to obtain credit. You need to have submitted a total of 9 sets of comments by the end of term (=9 %; + 1% bonus for excellent quality).         (10%) 

·        In-class pop quizzes: these occasional quizzes will test you on your comprehension of the readings assigned.        (20%)

·       A short essay (about 4000 words), either on a suggested topic, or on one entry in the Encyclopédie of philosophical interest, due  in the dropbox on Avenue by noon Monday, November 13. Instructions for what is expected to be posted here in due course.         (30%)

·       A final exam in the exam period         (40%)

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