1     Sept 8       Introduction                         (no readings required)

2     Sept 15    Science and metaphysics: the Encyclopedia   

       VOLTAIRE, Letters on the English Nation [1733] (read Letter XIV, pp. 109-121, on Descartes and Newton); D’ALEMBERT Preliminary Discourse [1751] (read Part I, and in Part II, only the paragraphs on Bacon, Descartes, Newton and Locke).

3     Sept 22     Skepticism, optimism, and deism

       BAYLE, Manicheans (Palmer 177-188); LEIBNIZ, Theodicy (Palmer 193-208); VOLTAIRE, "Theist(Palmer 208-209) 

4     Sept 29     Mechanist materialism and atheism

       DE LA METTRIE, Man a Machine  1‐76

5     Oct 6       Epistemology and metaphysics

       DIDEROT, Letter on the Blind (Jourdain (68-117 only; although you should consult the introduction for background. NB: a copy of p. 10 has been inserted instead of p.4, which is missing.)

midterm recess Oct 9-15

6     Oct 20      Molyneux’s Problem

        DIDEROT, Letter on the Blind (Jourdain, (117-141) extracts from LOCKE** and LEIBNIZ** on Molyneux's Problem. 

7     Oct 27      Materialism

        DIDEROT, D’Alembert’s Dream, Parts 1 & 2 (Rameau 89-166)

8     Nov 3       Mores and Morals 1

        MANDEVILLE, Fable of the Bees (read the Introduction and poem only); DIDEROT, D’Alembert’s Dream (Sequel) (Rameau 166-175); Bougainville’s ‘Voyage’ (Rameau 177-228).

9     Nov 10     Human rights

        DIDEROT, Natural Rights; ROUSSEAU, Political Economyextract from CONDORCET's The Future Progress — the whole Sketch can be found here.

10    Nov 17    Enlightenment anti-colonialism

        Sankar MUTHU, "Diderot and the Evils of Empire"—on Avenue**, Denis DIDEROT,  selections from the "Histoire des Deux Indes": read sections 1, 6, 7, 14, 18, 19, 29 only—on Avenue**

11    Nov 24    The problem of evil

         PLUCHE (Palmer 209-220), VOLTAIRE, Candide (Palmer 43-141); VOLTAIRE, "Final Causes" (Palmer 221-222). 

12    Dec 1      Mores and Morals 2

         VOLTAIRE, ROUSSEAU (Palmer 157-173); VOLTAIRE, "We must take sides" (Palmer 223-244)

**These texts can be found on Avenue to Learn.

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