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Writing Philosophy Papers--Handouts . . . . . . .

Advice Handouts for the Writing of Papers:

Here are some handouts you may find useful in writing philosophy papers.

For the pdf files you will need .

  1. Righting Writing is a fun guide for helping to avoid some common grammatical mistakes. Every rule commits the sin it is warning against, thus violating itself.
  2. Some advice on writing philosophy papers: this is a handout of mine, indebted to others before me, giving general advice. Perhaps better is this on-line resource by Peter Horban of Simon Fraser University:
  3. This one gives my usual grading scheme for grading your papers.
  4. Sometimes (as in 3A03 or for Discussion Papers) I may adopt the system: -/=/+ . Minus indicates more is required for a satisfactory effort, = means that the contribution is generally good, and + that it contains special merit or shows critical acumen or insight worthy of praise.
  5. When you write a research paper, make sure your paper gives evidence of your having done the reading, and that the views of the authors you cite, quote or paraphrase are properly referenced. Here is a handout I have prepared on referencing.
  6. Here is some advice on proofing your paper when you have a draft written.

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