Required Texts

Umberto Eco, The Search for the Perfect Language, ISBN-13: 978-0631205104 (pbk), Wiley-Blackwell; Reprint edition (Mar 29 1997).

Course Requirements

Contributions to class discussion: For each week’s required readings you are required to compose 3 comments on points of interest which you think will stimulate class discussion. When called upon in class to share your observations, you must have something interesting to offer, or you will lose credit.                 (5%)

Compiling of class discussion notes: You should assemble these notes in a portfolio, which you are required to submit for credit in two halves, the first due October 31, the second is due December 7. These should be deposited in the Dropbox on Avenue to Learn. Please follow the instructions given there.                           (10%, 10%)

A  2-page outline of what you propose to write your term paper on, due as an e-mail attachment (to  rarthur at mcmaster dot ca) by October 17th. You should sketch how your argument is going to go, and what sources you have lined up.                 (5%)

Term paper of 3500-4000 words, due in the Dropbox on Avenue by November 28. Please follow the instructions for referencing (look right), double-space the paper, and give it a title of  "Yourname.termpaper.doc"            (30%)                                                                       

Final Exam on Friday, December 9th, 19:30, (IWC 3, 11 and 12)*            (40%)      

*Check the Registrar's Office site for official details. I am not responsible for any disparity with changes they may make.                                                                                                                                                          

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