extra resources

Here are some extra resources for those who want more. One is a book of exercises, Arguments: Deductive Logic Exercises, taken from a wide range of sources by Howard Pospesel and David Marans, first published in 1978. Now David Marans has made it available online, so here it is.

The second is Logic Gallery, by the same author. This resource gives an overview of logic from the ancient Greeks to the present day. It is available as an OPEN ACCESS pdf download at  http://humbox.ac.uk/3682/

The print edition is only $20, all of which is donated the Doctors Without Borders and is available at  http://tinyurl.com/345bdwp

"It is really more enjoyable", says David Marans. Please email him with any comments you may have at <chicago194317 "at" gmail.com>.

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