required text

Introduction to Logic, Richard T. W. Arthur (pbk), Broadview Press, 2017. 

(This is the second edition of a text previously titled Natural Deduction)

course requirements

Quizzes. You will be assigned exercises from the required text each week, and will be tested on this material in quizzes, probably 8 in all, given almost every week; we will take your best 7 of 8 grades (45%).

Graded quizzes will be returned in your tutorial.

In-class Midterm Exam This will test you on the material from statement logic: (10%) 

Advanced Material (challenge problems). You will be assigned problems based on more advanced material in the book. You must complete 5 of these challenge problems, submitting them to your tutor in person in your tutorial. 5 acceptable attempts earns you full credit: (5%)

These are to be submitted at the beginning of your tutorial. Please note that you are expected to attend all your tutorials; these are an integral part of your learning experience.

Final Exam in the Final Exam period *: (40%)

*Check Mosaic for official details. I am not responsible for any disparity with changes they may make.

We will take your best 7 out of 8 marks for the quizzes;

and your best 5 marks out of 8 for the Challenge Problems.

The outline of activities on the syllabus and the above marking scheme are for general guidance only. The instructor reserves the right to modify parts of either as circumstances may dictate.

© Richard T. W. Arthur 2016