Required Texts

  1. Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos (Vintage, 2005).
  2. Origins 3A03 Coursepack, featuring extracts from the writings of Copernicus, Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, Clarke, Mach, Einstein, Minkowski, Rindler and van Helden.

These texts will be supplemented by e-resources made available through the course website.

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following work to pass this course:

  1. problem sets on the math and physics —20%—changed to 15%
  2. reflective summary —these should be about 800-1000 words, and should bring out the most important points in the reading, as well as address an important or evaluative issue raised in that reading —10%                                                     
  3. midterm exam —in class, October 25: format will be announced ahead of the exam—15%
  4. term paper —(2000‐2500 words, due Nov 15). Topics will be announced, and students will tackle them in groups of 3 (20%); the last class will be given over to presentations of the results and discussions of them —5%—changed to 10%
  5. final exam —5th December, 19:30, IWC 1 (1) —30%

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