course policies

on Late Work, Extensions and Accommodations

Late essays will be penalized at the rate of 4% for the first day or part day late, then 2% for each subsequent day or part day late (this includes weekend days), up to a maximum penalty of -10% for essays up to one week late. Essays more than one week late will be accepted only where there are appropriately documented compassionate or medical grounds (see below), or with explicit prior permission from me.

You may on occasion be unable to complete a piece of assessment on time (or at all) for legitimate medical or personal/compassionate reasons. If you find yourself in such a situation, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can grant an extension or take other steps to ensure that you are not unduly penalized for the late or missed work. Supporting medical documentation, if required, should always be provided to your faculty or program office, not to me the office in question will contact me to let me know this documentation has been received.

All requests for extensions should be made at least 24 hours before the essay’s due date. You should make your request by email (so there is a written record), and clearly explain your reasons.

Completion of a McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF) counts as the equivalent of a doctor’s note for a minor illness. You should contact me by email immediately after submitting it. I will usually grant (at most) a one-week extension, based on the original due date. Use these forms wisely (and honestly!), as you only get one per semester.

Students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) should come to see me as soon as possible after the start of the semester in my office hours – I would like to know who you are and if there is any special assistance you require, while you will need to provide me with a copy of your official accommodations letter.

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