Required Texts

1. THOMAS HOBBES, The Metaphysical System of Hobbesed. and trans. Mary Whiton Calkins. BiblioLife, 2009. ISBN: 978-1110694563; abbreviated (Calkins) version available online here; full version of De corpore available online here.

2. R. T. W. ARTHUR, Leibniz, Polity Press, 2013. (available on Avenue in draft manuscript).

3.  GOTTFRIED LEIBNIZ, New Essays on Human Understanding, trans. and ed. Peter Remnant and Jonathan Bennett (Abridged Edition). Cambridge University Press, 1982. ISBN: 0-521-28539-9.

4. ISAAC NEWTON, Philosophical Writings. Cambridge UP, 2004. ISBN: 0-521-53848-3.

5. G. W. LEIBNIZ AND SAMUEL CLARKE, Correspondence, ed. Roger Ariew. Hackett, 2000. ISBN: 0-87220-524-X.

Course Requirements

Reflective comments on the readings: For each week’s required readings you are required to compose 2 comments on points of interest which you think will stimulate class discussion (N.B. NOT a Reflective Summary or Reading Notes). When called upon in class to share your observations, you must have something interesting to offer, or you will lose credit. A copy of the two comments is to be submitted in hard copy at the beginning of each class. (The comments are each graded as follows: 4 = excellent, 3 = good, 2 = adequate, 1 = not of sufficient interest to stimulate discussion, 0 = not done; I will take your 10 best pairs of comments and divide by 4)     (20%) 

Active attendance: your participation in the course will be rated not only on number of classes attended, but also on your responses (+) or failures to respond (–) to requests for comments or reflections, and on the quality of your participation in class discussion. Failure to attend three or more classes without documented excuse will result in a 0 for attendance.     (20%)                   

A  2-page outline of what you propose to write your research paper on, due as an e-mail attachment by the end of October. You should sketch how your argument is going to go, and what sources you have lined up. This is a prerequisite for the essay: no essay will be accepted if a satisfactory outline has not first been submitted.                

Final version of research paper (6000-8000 words or 20 typed double-spaced pages), due as an email attachment by midnight, Monday, December 9.                                                                          (60%)

Your grade in the course will be based on your active participation in the seminar (10%), your seminar presentation (10% oral, 20% written), and  your research paper (60%).

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