Provisional Syllabus

NB: this page will be continually updated.

Week 1          Jan 6         Introduction

Reading:         PriestBLT: Introduction, Chapter 1.                            

Week 2          Jan 13      The limits of expression and iteration in classical philosophy

Reading:         Priest, BLT: Chapters 1 and 2.

                       Primary texts in Plato, Aristotle (extracts), Cusanus (a non-peer-reviewed article), Aquinas and Leibniz (On the Ultimate Origin of Things)                

Week 3          Jan 20      The limits of cognition and conception in classical philosophy

Reading:         Priest, BLT: Chapters 3 and 4.

                       Lewis Carroll, What  the Tortoise said to Achilles; primary texts in skepticism, Anselm and Berkeley.        

Week 4          Jan 27     The limits of thought in Leibniz

Reading:         Arthur, “Leibniz’ in Cantor's Paradise”, (as yet unpublished); for a more linear argument about Leibniz, you might also consult Arthur, "Leibniz's Actual Infinite in Relation to his Analysis of Matter", forthcoming in Leibniz on the interrelations between mathematics and philosophy,  ed. Norma Goethe, Philip Beeley and David Rabouin, (Springer 2014).

Week 5           Feb 3     The limits of thought in Kant

Reading:         Priest, BLT: Chapters 5 and 6.

                       Primary texts in Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, available here.  

                       Adam Riggio's blog on Priest's chapter 5 can be found here.                 

Week 6          Feb 10    The limits of thought in Hegel

Reading:         Priest, BLT: Chapter 7.

                       Hegel's Lesser Logic: read pp. 164-184. url is 

(Andy Blunden's Foreword is an exceptionally clear intro to Hegel's thought, but it IS 100 pages long!)

                       [Hegel's Science of Logic: dip in at your pleasure (!).]

                       Priest, Graham, "Dialectic and Dialethic", Science & Society, Vol. 53, No. 4, Winter 1989, 388-415, available through the library on JSTOR.

                        Presenting: Dan Ciarabellini: Leibniz on Infinite Regress/Gödel 

Midterm Recess                  Feb 15-22

Week 7           Feb 24       Paradoxes of self-reference

Reading:         Priest, BLT: Chapters 8 and 9.

                       Hilbert's Hotel (with thanks to Bev Anger). 

                        Presenting: Andrés Miramontes: on Russell 

Week 8           Mar 3       Ramsey's solution; sets and classes       

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Chapters 10 and 11. 

                       Following, fyi, is the article I was trying to find on Gödel, Leibniz and the Reflection Principle: 

                        Van Atten on Gödel and the Reflection Principle.  

Week 9           Mar 10     Frege and Wittgenstein          

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Chapter 12.

                         Presenting: Natalie Zip: on Frege

Week  10        Mar 17     Translation and reference

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Chapter 13.

                         Presenting: Bev Anger: Priest on Hegel

Week  11        Mar 24      Rule-following and différance

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Chapter 14

                         Presenting: Mark Garron: on Quine

Week  12        Mar 31    Heidegger and Nagarjuna

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Chapters 15 and 16

Week 13        Apr 7      Criticisms and Replies

Reading:          Priest, BLT: Conclusion (227-233); Chapter 17, Further reflections (271-296).

                       Jürgen Dümont and Frank Lau, "Are there true contradictions?A Critical Discussion of Graham Priest's Beyond the Limits of Thought'" Journal for General Philosophy of Science 29, 289-299, 1998. Available from the library as electronic copy.

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