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Office in Prayer-Book English (The Sarum Breviary Noted, Performing Edition)

              This version facilitates performance by printing in full many of the cross-references, and by re-ordering material where appropriate.

       Front Matter

                   A-i      Contents and Introduction

                   A-ii     Kalendar &c.                                       [VI]-[XXX]


                   A-01   Sunday Matins and Lauds                       [1]-[79]

                   A-02   Prime                                                 [80]-[165]

                   A-03   Terce, Sext, None                                [166]-[222]

                   A-04   Monday Matins and Lauds                      [223]-[273]

                   A-05   Tuesday Matins and Lauds                      [274]-[299]

                   A-06   Wednesday Matins and Lauds                 [300]-[325]

                   A-07   Thursday Matins and Lauds                    [326]-[360]

                   A-08   Friday Matins and Lauds                        [361]-[390]

                   A-09   Saturday Matins and Lauds                     [391]-[426]

                   A-10   Vespers                                               [427]-[514]

                   A-11   Compline                                            [515]-[572]

                   A-12   Penitential Psalms and Litany                 [573]-[595]

                   A-13   Office of the Dead                               [596]-[657]

                   A-14   Service of the Blessed Virgin Mary         [658]-[797]

                   A-17   Common of Saints, Eastertide                [798]-[835]

                   A-18   Common of Apostles                             [836]-[871]

                   A-19   Common of One Martyr                         [872]-[937]

                   A-20   Common of Many Martyrs                      [938]-[997]


                   B-01   Advent, First Sunday                            1-59

                   B-02   Advent, First Week                              60-79

                   B-03   Advent, Second Sunday and Week         80-114

                   B-04   Advent, Third Sunday and Week            115-176

                   B-05   Advent, Fourth Sunday and Week          177-218

                   B-06   Nativity                                              219-297

                   B-07   St. Stephen                                                   298-336

                   B-08   St. John                                                       337-380

                   B-09   Holy Innocents                                     381-416

                   B-10   St. Thomas of Canterbury &c.                         417-488

                   B-11   Circumcision                                       489-518

                   B-12   Octave of St. Stephen &c.                    519-558

                   B-13   Epiphany                                             559-622

                   B-14   Octave of Epiphany         



                   D-01   Venitare                                              1*-47*

                   D-02   Psalm Tones                                        48*-86*


Office in Douay-Rheims English (The Sarum Breviary Noted, Scholarly Edition)

              This version maintains the utmost fidelity to the original in content and in order of material.

       Front Matter


                   A-01   Sunday Matins and Lauds                       [1]-[75]

                   A-02   Prime                                                 [76]-[155]

                   A-03   Terce, Sext, None                                [156]-[189]


Hymnal in English (Draft Edition)

                   Part 1: Temporale and Psalter

                   Part 2: Common of Saints and Sanctorale


Sequentiarium in Latin



There appears to be no extant Sarum Martirology stemming directly from Salisbury.  However several MS Latin Martirologies, such as that in British Museum Harl. MS 2785. appears to be of Sarum Use. 

The English Martirology available here is an edition of that prepared by Richard Whytford and printed by Wynken de Worde in 1526.  Contractions have been spelled out and punctuation modernized, but the orthography follows the original. 

Readers may also wish to refer to the edition of the same Martirology issued by the Henry Bradshaw Society in 1893, which contains an informative introduction as well as comparative notes.

We hope to make a Latin Sarum Martirology available in due course.

The Martirology is read daily after the Office of Prime.


Mass in English

Sarum English Performing Gradual beta.  This file contains the propers for the mass for Sundays and Principal Feasts of the Temporale only,and omits the Sequences.  There may be errors in the file; we would be grateful for any corrections that may be forwarded.


English Compline

We are pleased to host on this site beautifully prepared editions of the Sarum Office of Compline in contemporary English.  Thanks go to Emil Salim for assembling these booklets, which cover the following seasons:

Compline 1: Advent.

Compline 5: The Octave of Epiphany.

Compline 6: Ordinary Time.

Compline 7: The Third Sunday of Lent.

Compline 9: Ferias in Passion Week.

Compline 14: From Low Sunday to the Vigil of the Ascension.


Simple Compline (GIC 2014)

     Latin and English



Indonesian Compline

Ibadat Penutup, Sarum Compline in Indonesian, prepared by Emil Salim.


Mass for the Ascension paper

Read by William Renwick at the Medieval Conference, Kalamazoo, May 13, 2012.




Office and Mass for the Assumption

          GIC Conference Presentation, Vancouver, August, 2013.

The Sarum Rite : Past, Present, Future

The Sarum Office

The Sarum Mass

Sarum Latin Mass for the Assumption

Sarum English Mass for the Assumption

Sarum Latin Office for the Assumption

Sarum English Office for the Assumption


Gregorian Chant in English

The following files contain Gregorian settings of the Ordinary of the Mass according to the English translation of the Roman Missal 2010.  They are arranged to be back-printed and folded into booklets.


Missa Alme Pater

Missa Cum jubilo

Missa Orbis factor

Missa de Angelis


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