Music of the Sarum Office.


Latin edition.

Latest update: January 1 2011.

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The following files are or will be available in .PDF format, beginning in January 2006.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read and print them.  Each file name is followed by its original and most recent upload dates.  Unlinked files are in preparation. 


Since the spring of 2007 there has been an entire revision of the Psalter [A-1 through A-12] and the Temporale [B-1 through B-18].  This revision includes accents for all sung or spoken texts as well as references to the index numbers of the CANTUS database of Latin Ecclesiastical Chant.

Beginning in June 2008 the whole text has been reformatted and meticulously compared with the original sources.


File             Title                                         Pagination            Publication Dates

Front Matter.

   F-1:          Introduction.                           I-XXI.                    First published 01-06.  R 04-07, 12-07

   F-2:          Kalendar.                                XI-XXXIV.              First published 01-06.  R 04-07.

                             Tabula festorum mobilum. 


Toni Communes.

   D-1:         Ante horas dicenda.                  1*-44*.                  First published 01-06.  R 07-07.

                               In principio horarum. 


   D-2:         Toni psalmorum.                       45*-75*.                First published 01-06.   R 05-06, 07-07.

   D-3:         Versi responsoria.

                             Toni versiculorum, et cetera.

Gloria Patri:  temporary (unpaged) file containing                    First published 01-07. 

               Versi Responsorii, Alleluias, and Pneume. 



   A-1:          Dominica.  Matins Lauds.       [1-61].                   First published 01-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-2:          Prime.                                  [62-126].               First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-3:          Terce Sext None.                [127-155].             First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-4:          Feria ii. Matins - Lauds.           [156-196].             First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

                              Memorie communes

   A-5:          Feria iii. Matins - Lauds.          [197-216].             First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-6:          Feria iv. Matins  -Lauds.           [217-236].             First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-7:          Feria v. Matins - Lauds.            [237-259].             First published 06-06.   R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-8:          Feria vi. Matins - Lauds.           [260-282].             First published 06-06    R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-9:          Sabbato.  Matins - Lauds.          [283-305].             First published 06-06    R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-10:        Vesperas.                               [306-358].             First published 01-07    R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-11:        Completorium.                        [359-406].             First published 01-07    R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.

   A-12:        Psalmi penitentiales.               [407-434].             First published 01-07    R 04-07, 12-07, 01-08, 06-08.


   A-13:        Officium mortuorum.

   A-14:        Servitium B.V.M.

   A-15:        In commemoratione sancti Thome.

                             Translatio et comm. sancti Cedde.

                             In festo yconie Salvatori.

   A-16:        Presentatio BVM.

                             Benedicitione salis et aque.

Common of Saints.

   A-17:        Paschalis temporis

   A-18:        Apostoli extra T.P.

   A-19:        Martyres extra T.P.

   A-20:        Confessores extra T.P.

   A-21:        Virgines extra T.P.

   A-22:        Tabula de festorum divisone.



   B-1:          Dominica I. adventus.                                 1-96.                     First published 01-07    R 07-07, 01-08, 07-08.

                             Ad horas de beata Maria.

                             Rubrica de officio mortuorum.

   B-2:          Ebdomada I. Adventus.                                97-139.                 First published 07-07    R 01-08, 07-08.

                             De commemorationibus. 

                             Servitium plenum beate Marie.

   B-3:          Dominica II. adventus.                                140-169.               First published 07-07    R 01-08, 07-08.

                             Ebdomada II. adventus.           

   B-4:          Dominica III. adventus.                               170-224.               First published 07-07    R 01-08, 07-08.

                             Ebdomada III. adventus.

   B-5:          Dominica IV. adventus.                     225-263.               First published 07-07    R 01-08, 07-08.

                             Ebdomada IV. adventus. 

                             Antiphone O.

   B-6:          In vigilia natalis Domini.                           264-341                First published 01-08   R 07-08.

                             In die nativitatis Domini.

   B-7:          In die sancti Stephani.                              342-373                First published 01-08    R 07-08.

   B-8:          In die sancti Johannis, apostoli.                374-410                First published 01-08    R 07-08.

   B-9:          In die Sanctorum Innocentium.                 411-440                First published 01-08    Re 07-08.

   B-10:        In die sancte Thome, martyris.                   441-483                First published 01-08    R 07-08.

                             Sexta die a nativitate Domini. 

                             Sancti Silvestri, pape et confessoris.

   B-11:        In vigilia circuncisionis Domini.                484-507                First published 01-08    Rd 07-08.

                              In die circuncisionis Domini.

   B-12:        In octava s. Stephani.                                508-524               First published 07-08.

                              In octava s. Johannis

                              In octava Ss. Innocentium.

   B-13:        In vigilia Epyphanie.                                   525-569               First published 07-08.

                              In die Epyhanie.

   B-14:        Per octavas Epyphanie.                              570-603               First published 07-08.

   B-15:        Post octavas Epyphanie.                             604-633               First published 07-08.

   B-16:        Dominica prima post octavas Epyphanie.   634-664               First published 07-08.

   B-17:        Ebdomada I. post octavas Epyphanie.        665-692               First published 07-08.

   B-18:        Dominice et hebdomade II. III. IV. V.          693-730               First published 07-08.

                             post octavas Epyphanie.

   B-19:        Septuagesima.                                            731-770                First published 01-09

   B-20:        Sexagesima.                                               771-803                First published 01-09

   B-21:        Quinquagesima.                                         804-834                First published 01-09

   B-22:        Feria iv. in capite jejunii.                          835-882                First published 07-09

                             Dominica prima Quadragesime.

   B-23:        Ebdomada I. Quadragesime.                      836-914                First published 07-09

   B-24:        Dominica II. Quadragesime.                       915-956                First published 07-09

                             Ebdomada II. Quadragesime.

   B-25:        Dominica III. Quadragesime.                      957-1012              First published 07-09

                             Ebdomada III. Quadragesime.

   B-26:        Dominica IV. Quadragesime.                      1013-1050            First published 07-09

                             Ebdomada IV. Quadragesime.

   B-27:        Dominica in Passione.                                1051-1110            First published 01-10

                             Ebdomada in Passione.

   B-28:        Dominica in Ramis Palmarum.                   1111-1160            First published 01-10

                             Feria ii. iii. et iv. ebdomade sancte.  

   B-29:        Feria v. in cena Domini.                             1161-1224            First published 01-10

                             Feria vi. in parasceve.  Sabbato in vigilia Pasche. 

   B-30:        In die Sancto Pasche.                                           1225-1259            First published 01-10

   B-31:        Ebdomada Pasche.                                     1260-1305            First published 01-10

   B-32:        Dominica in octavis Pasche.                       1306-1337            First published 07-10

   B-33:        Ebdomada I. post octavas Pasche.              1338-1369            First published 07-10

   B-34:        Dominica II. post Pascha.                           1370-1389            First published 07-10

                             Ebdomada II. post octavas Pasche.

   B-35:        Dominica III. post Pascha.                          1390-1404            First published 07-10

                             Ebdomada III. post octavas Pasche.

   B-36:        Dominica IV. post Pascha.                          1405-1427            First published 07-10

                             Ebdomada IV post octavas Pasche.

   B-37:        Dominica V. post Pascha.                           1428-1449            First published 07-10

                             Ebdomada V. post octavas Pasche.

   B-38:        In die Ascensionis Domini.                         1450-1511            First published 07-10

                             Dominica infra octavas Ascensionis.

                             Ebdomada post Ascensionem.

   B-39:        In die Penthecostes.                                   1512-1565            First published 07-10

                             Ebdomada post Penthecostes.

   B-40:        In festo Sancte Trinitatis.                           1566-1608            First published 07-10

   B-41:        In festo Corporis Christi.                            1609-1665            First published 07-10

                              Infra octavas Corporis Christi.

   B-42:        Deus omnium, pica 1666-169            First published 01-11

   B-43:        Dominica prima post Trinitatem (Deus omnium).   

                             Rubrica magna de dominicis. 1700-1736            First published 01-11

   B-44:        Hystoria Regum. 1737-1786            First published 01-11

   B-45:        Hystoria Sapientie. 1787-1819            First published 01-11

   B-46:        Hystoria Job. 1820-1842            First published 01-11

   B-47:        Hystoria Thobie. 1843-1865            First published 01-11

   B-48:        Hystoria Judith.

   B-49:        Hystoria Machabeorum.

   B-50:        Hystoria Ezechielis.

   B-51:        Expositiones evangeliorum dominicalum.

   B-52:        In festo Dedicationis Ecclesie.   

                             Infra octavas Dedicationis Ecclesie.




             In natali sancti Andree. 

             In depositione sancti Osmundi, episcopi et confessoris.

             In festo sancti Nicholai, episcopi.

             In octava sancti Andree, apostoli.

             In conceptione beate Marie virginis.

             Sancte Lucie, virginis et martyris.

             Sancti Thome, apostoli. 


             Sancti Wulstani, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sanctorum Fabiani et Sebastiani, martyrum.

             Sancte Agnetis, virginis et martyris.

             Sancti Vincintii, martyris.

             In conversione sancti Pauli, apostoli.

             Sancti Juliani, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancte Agnetis, secundo.

             Sancte Batildis, regine.


             Sancte Brigide, virginis non martyris.

             In purificatione beate Marie virginis.

             Sancti Blasii, episcopi.

             Sancte Agathe, virginis et martyris.

             Sanctorum Vedasti et Amandi, episcoporum.

             Sancte Scholastice, virginis non martyris.

             Sancti Valentini, martyris.

             Sancte Juliane, virginis et martyris.

             In cathedra sancti Petri apostoli.

             Sancti Mathie, apostoli. 


             Sancti David, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Cedde, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sanctarum Perpetue et Felicitatis, virginum et martyrum.

             Sancti Gregorii, pape et doctoris.

             Sancte Edwardi, regis et martyris.

             Sancti Cuthberti, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Benedicti, abbatis.

             In annunciatione beate Marie virginis.


             Sancti Richardi, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Ambrosii, episcopi et confessoris atque doctoris.

             Sanctorum Tyburcii et Valeriani, martyrum.

             Sancti Alphegi, episcopi et martyris.

             Sancti Georgii, martyris.

             Sancti Marci, evangeliste.

             Sancti Vitalis, martyris.

             Depositio sancti Erkenwaldi, episcopi et confessoris.


             Sanctorum apostolorum Phillipi et Jacobi.

             In inventione sancte Crucis.

             Sancti Johannis, apostoli et evangeliste [ante portam Latinam].

             Sanctorum Gordiani et Epimachi, martyrum.

             Sanctorum Nerei, Achilei, atque Pancracii.

             Sancti Dunstani, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Aldelmi, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Augustini, epsicopi et confessoris, Anglorum apostoli.

             Sancti Germani, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancte Petronille, virginis non martyris.


             Sancti Nichomedi, martyris.

             Sanctorum Marcellini et Petri, martyrum.

             Sancti Bonifacii Sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Sanctorum Gildardi et Medardi, episcoporum.

             Translatio sancti Edmundi, episcopi.

             Sancti Barnabe, apostoli.

             Sanctorum Basilidis, Cirini, et Naboris, et Nazarii, martyrum.

             Sancti Basilii, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sanctorum Viti, Modesti, et Crescentie, martyrum.

             Translatio sancti Richardi, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sanctorum Marci et Marcelliani, martyrum.

             Sanctorum Gervasii et Prothasii, fratrum et martyrum.

             Translatio sancti Edwardi, regis et martyris.

             Sancti Albani, prothomartyris Anglorum.

             In festo sancte Ethelrede, virginis non martyris.

             In vigilia sancti Johannis Baptiste. 

             Secunda die infra octavas.

             Sanctorum Johannis et Pauli, martyrum.

             Quarta die infra octavas.

             Sancti Leonis, pape et confessoris.

             In vigilia apostolorum Petri et Pauli.

             In commemoratione sancti Pauli, apostoli.


             In octava sancti Johannis Baptiste.

             Visitatio beate Marie.

             Die secunda infra octavis.

             In octava visitationis beate Marie.

             Sanctorum Processi et Martiniani, martyrum.

             Translatio et ordinatio sancti Martini, episcopi.

             In octava apostolorum Petri et Pauli.

             Translatio sancti Thome, martyris.

             In festo reliquiarum.

             Sanctorum septem fratrum, martyrum.

             Translatio sancti Benedicti, abbatis.

             Translatio sancti Swithuni sociorumque ejus, episcoporum et confessorum.

             In festo sancti Osmundi.

             In commemoratione sancti Osmnudi.

             Dominica infra octavam.

             Die sexta.

             In octava translationis sancti Osmundi.

             Sancti Kenelmi, regis et martyris.

             Sancti Arnulphi, episcopi et martryis.

             Sancte Margarete, virginis et martyris.

             Sancte Praxedis, virginis non martyris.

             Sancte Marie Magdalene.

             Sancti Appolinaris, martyris.

             Sancte Christine, virginis.

             Sancti Jacobi, apostoli.

             Sancte Anne, matris Marie.

             Septem dormientum, martyrum.

             Sancti Sampsonis, episcopi.

             Sanctorum Felicis, Simplicii, Faustini, et Beatricis, martyrum.

             Sanctorum Abdon et Sennes, martyrum.

             Sancti Germani, episcopi.


             Petri ad vincula.

             Sancti Stephani, martyris.

             In inventione sancti Stephani prothomartyris sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Sancti Oswaldi, regis et martyris.

             In festo beate Marie virginis ad nives.

             In transfiguratione Jesu Christi Domini nostri.

             Festum dulcissimi nominis Jesu.

             Secunda die infra octavas Jesu.

             Tertia die, de sanctificatione nominis Jesu.

             Quarta die, de sancto Laurentio.

             Quinta die, de descriptione nominis Jesu.

             Sexta die, de octavis.

             Septima die, de sancto Ypolito sociisque ejus.

             In octava die.

             In festo sancti Ciriaci sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             In festo sancti Romani, martyris.

             In festo sancti Tyburtii, martyris.

             In octava Jesu.

             In festo assumptionis beate Marie virginis.

             Per octavas assumptionis.

             Sanctorum Thimothei et Apollinaris, martyrum.

             Sancti Bartholomei, apostoli.

             Sancti Ruphi, martyris.

             Sancti Augustini, episcopi et confessoris, atque doctoris.

             In decollatione sancti Johannis Baptiste.

             Sanctorum Felicis et Audacti.

             Sancte Cuthburge, virginis non martyris.


             Sancti Egidii, abbatis.

             Translatio sancti Cuthberti, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Bertini, abbatis.

             In nativitate beate Marie viriginis.

             Per octavas nativitatis Beate marie.

             In festo exaltationis sancte Crucis.

             In octava nativitatis beate Marie.

             Sancte Edithe, virginis non martyris.

             Sancti Mathei, apostoli et evangelista.

             In festo sancti Mauricii sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Sancte Tecle, virginis non martyris.

             Sancti Firmini, episcopi et martyris.

             Sanctorum Cypriani et Justinie, martyrum.

             Sanctorum Cosme et Damiani, fratrum et martyrum.

             Sancti Michaelis archangeli.

             Sancti Hieronymi, presbyteri, confessoris, et doctoris.


             Sanctorum Remigii, Germani, Vedasti, et Bavones, episcoporum et confessorum.

             Sancti Thome Herefordensis, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancte Fidis, virginis et martyris.

             Sanctorum Marci, Marcelli, et Apulei, martyrum.

             Sancti Dionysii sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Sancti Gereonis sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Sancti Nigasii sociorumque ejus, martyrum.

             Translatio sancti Edwardi, regis et confessoris.

             Sancti Calixti, pape et martyris.

             Sancti Vulfranni, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Michaelis in monte Tumba.

             Translatio sancte Etheldrede, virginis non martyris.

             Sancti Luce, evangeliste.

             Depositio Frideswide, virginis non martyris.

             Sanctarum undecim milium viriginum.

             Sancti Romani, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sanctorum Crispini et Crispiani, martyrum.

             Sanctorum apostolorum Symonis et Jude.

             Sancti Quintini, martyris.


             In festivitate omnium sanctorum.

             In commemoratione defunctorum.

             Sancte Wenefrede, virginis et martyris.

             Sancti Leonardi, abbatis et confessoris.

             Sanctorum quatuor coronatorum martyrum.

             Sancti Theodori, martyris.

             Sancti Martini, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Bricii, episcopi et confessoris.

             Translatio sancti Erkenwaldi, episcopi et confessoris.

             In depositione sancti Erkenwaldi, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Machuti, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Edmundi, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Hugonis, episcopi et confessoris.

             In octava sancti Martini, episcopi et confessoris.

             Sancti Edmundi, regis et martyris.

             Sancte Cecilie, virginis et martyris.

             Sancti Clementis, pape et martyris.

             Sancti Grisogoni, martyris.

             Sancte Katherine, virginis et martyris.

             Sancti Lini, pape et martyris.

             Sanctorum Saturnini et Sisinnii, martyrum.