Bertrand Russell: The Man

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Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, 1872–1970

1872: Born May 18 in Wales to John and Kate Amberley; grandson of Lord John Russell, 1st Earl Russell and two-time British prime minister
1876: Along with brother Frank, taken to live with grandparents after father’s death (mother and sister had died of diphtheria about 18 months earlier)
1890–94: Studies mathematics and moral sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge University
1894: Marries Alys Pearsall Smith
1903: Lays foundation for his place in philosophical world with publication of The Principles of Mathematics
1910–13: Publishes, with A.N. Whitehead, Principia Mathematica (3 vols.)
1916: Loses lectureship at Trinity College for writing anti-conscription leaflet
1918: Jailed for six months for prejudicing “His Majesty’s relationship with the U.S.A.”, writes Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
1921: Marries Dora Black. Birth of son, John
1923: Birth of daughter, Katharine
1927: Establishes experimental Beacon Hill School with second wife
1931: Inherits earldom upon elder brother’s death, becoming third Earl Russell
1936: Marries Patricia Spence
1937: Birth of son, Conrad
1945: Publishes A History of Western Philosophy
1949: Awarded Order of Merit
1950: Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature
1952: Marries Edith Finch
1958–63: Serves as president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Committee of 100; imprisoned with Edith for inciting civil disobedience (commuted to one week)
1967–69: Publishes autobiography (3 vols.)
1970: Dies February 2 in Wales

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