Sample Texts from The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell

This page contains links to a selection of Russell texts from various volumes of the Collected Papers (10, 11, 15, 21, 24, 28 and 29). The editorial apparatus—headnote, annotation, textual notes and bibliographical index entries—has also been uploaded for each of the chosen papers.

Embedded in the texts are invisible links to the annotations and textual notes. As you scroll through the PDF, watch for your cursor turning into a pointing finger then click your mouse. You can link back to the text by clicking the page of the page and line number supplied adjacent to each annotation or textual note. Alternatively, the annotations and textual notes can be accessed simply by scrolling down to the bottom of the web page. Bibliographical index entries have been placed in pop-up boxes linked to the year (highlighted in yellow) of the author–date reference. Some browsers will display the bibliographical information by moving the mouse over the link; others will require you to open the pop-up box with a mouse click. (N.B. As of November 2013 this feature is only functioning in Internet Explorer.)

The selected material includes some comparatively obscure texts as well as more familiar works—chosen because of the particular editorial challenges they posed.

From CPBR 10: A Fresh Look at Empiricism, 1927–42
3 My Religious Reminiscences [1938]
17 Probability and Fact [1930]
58 Freedom and Government [1940]

From CPBR 11: Last Philosophical Testament, 1943–68
15 The Nature and Origin of Scientific Method [1948]
59 The Duty of a Philosopher in This Age [1964]
69 Is There a God? [1952]

From CPBR 15: Uncertain Paths to Freedom: Russia and China, 1919–22
6 Democracy and Direct Action [1919]
41 The Prospects of Bolshevik Russia [1921]
50 China’s Road to Freedom [1921]

From CPBR 21: How to Keep the Peace: The Pacifist Dilemma, 1935–38
1 On Isolationism [1935]
48 Auto-Obituary [1936]
99 The Crisis in Foreign Policy [1938]

From CPBR 24, Civilization and the Bomb, 1944–47
58 The Atomic Bomb [1945]

From CPBR 28, Man’s Peril, 1954–55
16 Man’s Peril [1954]
19 Trotsky in the Ascendant [1954]

From CPBR 29: Détente or Destruction, 1955–57
7 Prospects of Disarmament [1956]
34 Foreword to Freedom Is as Freedom Does [1956]
63 Britain and the H-bomb [1957]

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