Salmon Fund

E. Togo Salmon The E. Togo Salmon Fund in Roman Studies was founded in 1992 by in honour of Edward Togo Salmon, Professor of Classics and Messecar Professor of History at McMaster University from 1930 to 1973, by his widow Marina Salmon. The objective of the fund is to promote the study of the history, languages, culture and art of Italy, Rome, and the Roman Empire in the period before 500 AD by McMaster faculty and students. This webpage offers a summary of the ways in which the fund has been used at McMaster.
  • Conferences in Roman Studies
  • Graduate Students
  • Visiting Professors
  • Library Acquisitions
  • Special Projects

There have been 6 E.T. Salmon conferences in Roman studies, all resulting in publication of the conference papers.

1993 – “Roman theatre and society”

Roman theatre and society W.J. Slater, ed. (Ann Arbor 1996)
(ISBN 978-0-472-10721-6)

1995 – “Roman coins and public life under the empire”

Roman coins and public life under the empire G.M. Paul, ed., M. Ierardi,
assistant editor (Ann Arbor 1999)
(ISBN 0472108751)






1999 - “Samnium :  settlement and cultural change”

Samnium :  settlement and cultural change H. Jones, ed. (Center for Old
World Archaeology and Art, 2004)
(ISBN 0975524909)

2001 – “The Roman family in the empire:  Rome, Italy and Beyond”

The Roman family in the empire:  Rome, Italy and Beyond M. George, ed.
(Oxford 2005)
(ISBN 019926841X)





2004 – “Diplomats and Diplomacy in the Roman World”

Diplomats and Diplomacy in the Roman World C. Eilers, ed.

2007 – “Roman slavery and Roman Material Culture”
(to be edited by M. George)


The Salmon fund provides ongoing support for graduate student research travel and to maintain
the departmental computer room, which is reserved for graduate student use. 

Drawing on the fund, graduate students at McMaster have organized 4 graduate student
conferences, attracting student participants from all over North America and Europe.

1999    Awareness of the past in the Roman World
2000    Competition and Celebration in the Roman World
2002    Place & Space:  Creation of Setting in the Roman World
2006    Strangers and Exiles in the Roman World

1994-95  Richard Greene
1997-97  Roger Wilson
2003-04 Susanna Braund, Christopher Ratté
2004-05   Kirk Freudenburg, Christopher Parslow
2005-06 Martin Winkler, Penelope Davies
2006-07   Robert Kaster, Jodi Magness
2007-08 Kathleen Coleman, Nancy de Grummond

The Salmon fund also provides funds to supplement the department’s library budget and has enabled us to acquire a number of important publications, including, among others Pompei - Pitture e mosaici, the 11 volume documentation of all extant paintings and pavements in the town of Pompei, which is available for consultation in Mills library research collections, and the CD ROM of F. Jacoby’s   Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, an electronic, fully searchable version of Felix Jacoby’s monumental 18 volume collection of all surviving Greek historical fragments. 

From time to time, the fund has provided financial support for a number of special projects.  The include
a CD ROM on Virgil, the E. Togo Salmon Centenary exhibition “The Classical World and its Influence”
(October 2005), which included Visiting Hooker Professor Robin Osborne, and two websites:  i) a
webpage and data base of images on the carving techniques of Trajan’s column, which was also
generously supported by Peter Rockwell; ii) the on-line digital data base of the Bruce Brace Coin
Collection in the McMaster Museum of Art. 

McMaster’s Trajan’s Column

Bruce Brace Coin Collection, McMaster Museum of Art